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Life Coach for Men...for Smart Men!

​What does an NFL football player, an Olympian, and a professional boxer all have in common?

They all have a coach. And they would not be able to consistently perform and reach their greatest potential without a coach encouraging them to push harder, faster, and longer.

You're a man with goals. You're a man with dreams. You're a man who wants to achieve something great, right?

Do you think you would benefit from having a personal coach?

While watching a documentary about the current fastest man on earth, Usain Bolt, I could not help but appreciate the way he talked about his coach. Usain gives a lot of credit to his coach for his success. 

​His coach knows how to push him, knows how to encourage him, and knows when to give him some space. But in the end, his coach has taken Usain’s raw talent and abilities and made him the current fastest man on earth.

Usain even confesses that often times he would rather be sitting around eating pizza, but his coach is there to get him to do what Usain needs to do to activate and live his greatest potential, the fastest man on earth!

​You have a tremendous amount of potential. Isn't time to live to your greatest potential?

I love sports stories. There is something about seeing a person focus on a specific goal or dream and have it come true.

The dream never comes easy. The boxer must face the chance of losing in front of a home crowd. The Olympian must face his fears after years of training for a single moment. An NFL football player must consistently prove his worth or risk losing the starting position.

Yet, it is always a coach who is present to tell his athlete what to look out for, how he could dominate his opponent, how he could improve and stay focused, and win!

I recently saw a 21-year-old World Champion professional boxer win a match by TKO in 3 rounds. He had over 70 amateur fights. He couldn't have accomplished this without a coach/trainer.

I also saw another fight where it went all 12 rounds. After each round, each boxer would go back to their corners.

Each of the coaches would tell their fighters what's working, what's not, and what to look out for, and most of all, encouraging words to keep his fighter believing he could win.

​The Life of a Life Coach for Men

​This is what a life coach for men does. The coach knows and understands what his client wants to accomplish.

He knows exactly where his client struggles the most.

The coach knows the reason why he wants to accomplish his goal.

The coach is there to keep his fighter believing in himself!

The coach co-develops a plan, and trains his fighter to go out and take action.

Then, his client goes out and fights. He takes action for what he wants.

After, his client comes back, and the coach listens.

He catches things his client may be overlooking or not noticing, just like the way a boxer can't see how his opponent is leaving himself open.

However, most of all...

The coach is there to keep him accountable and on task. Focused!

The dream never comes easy, but the outcome is all worth it.

No matter what kind of life you want, don't you think it would be wise to have someone ​to help you reach your greatest potential just like the NFL player, the Olympian, the professional boxer do for them and for their chosen profession.

This is being smart…a smart man!​

​Life Coach for men

You will never be able to push yourself as much as you possibly could without someone being there to encourage you along the way.

​I go to the gym often. I enjoy lifting weights. However, I can only push myself so far. It is too easy to give into the pain. It is to easy to put the weight down. It is too easy to quit when there is no one to push me to get past the pain when my body is telling me to stop. 

One thing I know for certain, is that if I had a trainer, coach, or friend to tell me do another rep, "you can do it, I know you have more", I would always get past the pain ​and do another rep. We all would.

​When you have someone besides you, ​it is not so easy to quite and give up. However, you and I have been there before, and we were able to do another rep, lift heavier weights, and push ourselves harder, and we were better for it, right?

​life coaching for men...for smart men like you!

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