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Hi, I'm Anthony - D​o you want more love, happiness, and fulfillment in your life?

​"Discover the Top 3 Mistakes Smart Men Are Making that Makes Improving Their Life Almost Impossible"


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Life Coaching for Men

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Every man needs a mission, a purpose. Without a purpose it is difficult to feel fulfilled as a man. Now it's time for you to live your mission and live your life to what you know deep inside you were meant to live.

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Anthony is on it!

Anthony has a great passion for health and he is constantly learning new ways to improve. I attended and thoroughly enjoyed his men's health presentation. such good info from a man who can relate and who cares. It's great to know that Anthony is out there working to address the health issues that are so prevalent for men. He is a motivator who walks the talk.

Doug Osborne - Health Promotion Director

Team Leader in Iraq

Anthony Treas was my team leader in Iraq during Operation Iraqi freedom from 2009-2010. As a Sergeant in the Army National Guard, he was very detailed oriented, expressing concerns if details were not inputted for maneuvers prior to leaving the safety of our Complex. He made sure that communications with our base was working properly, weapons were functioning above standard, also communicated all aspects with details with missions and tasks. As a hobby, Anthony taught Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and boxing for the area Mix Martial Arts club. He was a very patient, respectful and attentive instructor.

Valentine Otero - SGT Army National Guard

Accountability Really Motivated Me

When you're on the phone with him, Anthony sounds like my coach, because he is a coach. He’s firm and serious when the moment requires it. He does not let things slip by. He is compassionately firm. He explains his coaching philosophy to me, in a way that I can understand and believe. I get why he is doing this, and you can feel that he cares about how the student comes up with his own goals. He is, knowledgeable, upbeat and positive, and a powerful motivator. I want to accomplish my goals with his guidance. I could not have done it without his assistance. For me, the accountability was a key component of the coaching. It also really worked well with my goals that we worked on, and any obstacles to their accomplishment. With each growing week, I began hitting my goals more consistently, learning to do the additional exercise, using things Anthony suggested would help me accomplish and overcome obstacles. There were times, throughout the weeks, that I knew I had to get things done as we agreed the week before, because I knew that the next day, Anthony would be asking me about it, and whether I got it done. He keeps you on track and accountable to what you have said. I have enjoyed working with him, and would recommend him.

Nizamuddin Ameerally - Blogger/Editor

Easy to see his commitment!

It's easy to see and understand Anthony's commitment to living a healthy-quality lifestyle for himself and anyone around him. I met him by happenstance (on a Alaska bound ferry) and from our first hours together I easily knew and felt his strength in living, communicating and demonstrating a quality life. His diet, exercise, education and personality is outstanding for ANYONE looking for a healthy path forward or mentor. I continue to practice some basic steps towards diet-attitude from spending time with Anthony (multiple visits over two years) and we were never near a gym or workout facility. He walks his talk and commitments to himself and others.

Don Clotfelter - Retired

A Message For All Men.

I very much believe that your guidance is a benefit to anyone. The presentation I attended was great. I wish my son and others were present. Indeed, owning your health, understanding your own relationship to your own health, it's a singular responsibility - your own. I look forward to the guidance Anthony will provide in the future. He's in the right place at the right time.

John Raasch - License Prof. Counselor

Man of Great Character

Mr. Treas undoubtedly knows what it requires to be a strong man in all facets of life! I am honored to say that I have personally known Mr. Treas for a couple of years, and I have learned practical life advice from him to implement into my own journey of being a strong man. My old man used to tell me that in life your reputation precedes you. With that being said, Mr. Treas has a reputation of being a man of great character, a strong drive for life, and possessing an unrelenting passionate for helping people by reshifting their mindset and giving them the tools needed to be satisfied with life. Enjoy learning from Mr. Treas, you won't be disappointed!

Colin Albi

​"Discover the Top 3 Mistakes Smart Men Are Making that Makes Improving Their Life Almost Impossible"


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