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best books for men

Best Books for Men | 2019

​Best books for men to read today and will most likely be books to read at least once a year. There are many aspects to a man's life. He can be a husband, father, brother, uncle, mentor, or business owner. A man can hold many titles, but one thing is certain, there is always room to grow and there is always new information becoming available that can help men grow in the many aspects of his life.

Not only does a man have many titles, but he also has his physical health, his mental well-being, and spiritual side. Below you will find the top 6 books that I believe will help you gain a solid foundation. I am well versed in these topics. I am very passionate about all of them and I am happy to pass this information onto you so it may help you as well. If you don't know about my history, check out my about me page.

​Best Books for Men - Leadership


​Only read this book if you are ready and serious about taking charge of your life! This book is written by two former Navy SEAL's who took the lessons they learned in the battle field and have brought it to CEO's, business owners, and MEN to take extreme ownership of their lives. A must read book for any man who wants to be the drive in his life.

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Best Book for Men - Going Deeper with Women


​This is probably the best book I have ever read about women. This is a must read for all men who want to understand themselves more and to understand the woman in his life. This information, I believe, is what women would love to say to their man, but just may not know how to say it without being rude about it. 

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​Best Book for Men - Health


​If there is one thing I would encourage you to learn this year, it would be to learn about functional medicine. We cannot rely on conventional medicine. Functional medicine is about taking control over your health based  on your genetic coding. However, what is more important is how lifestyle and behavior choices are more important than your genetics. A must read for any man who wants to take control over his health and mental well-being.

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​Best Book for Men - Food


​Along with functional medicine, food is going to empower you to thrive. But, the question that always come up is, what foods should I eat? Dr. Hyman is an expert in functional medicine and provides sound evidence to guide you towards understanding what foods to eat. If you want to be a man who takes control over his health, along with empowering his mind and body with powerful foods, then you will want to read this book.

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​Best Book for Men - Brain


​Now, I would love to tell you about all the latest brain hacks, however, that is not going to do you any good if you are not taking your gut seriously. There is a Brain-Gut connection and if you have ever felt weighed down after eating a heavy meal, there was more to it then all the blood rushing to your stomach to help with digestion. Every decision you make starts in the brain. If you are going to be a man who takes control of his life, he must take control of his brain health. Take your brain health serious, your life depends on it.

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​Best Book for Men - Mindset


​This is a classic book that should be read by all young and grown men. This is the book that ​opened my eyes to the power of the sub-consicious mind. Now, if you are a man who has struggled with his self-image, you will want to read this book once, and then read it once a year. I do! ​In fact, this is what current science is catching up to what the author already knew year ago. The first version of this book was written in the 1960's.

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​There you have it. 6 books that I highly recommend you read this year. If there was one I would recommend you read first, it would be, Extreme Ownership. Perhaps, I was able to relate in many ways to the authors coming from a military background. Or perhaps, it reinforced what I read back in 2004 in the Success Principals, by Jack Canfield.

Which ever you decide, I hope you will chose to become a man who reads and stays on top of the latest information that will help you stay in the best physical and mental health as possible.


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