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Men dealing with Anxiety and depression

​Dark days and stormy nights, dealing with anxiety and depression can be very debilitating. There is nothing fun about having to deal with these issues, however, there is hope.

I fought hard each day trying to battle the rage that was going on inside my head. I felt like my life was spinning out of control at times. But there was something inside me that knew I could get better. I can learn to manage my thoughts and my emotions.

It is difficult to image relief from anxiety and depression when deep in the depths of the suffering. Yet, I knew there was something I could do, I just didn't know what.

​I came to discover something very profound. I mean, it was profound for me, perhaps not for most people. I had this moment where I ​found myself seeing people enjoying themselves, having a good time. I also wanted that. But in order for that to happen, I had to do something. But what, I thought.

I remember something I read a long time ago. It was like the moment was right for me to understand something that was implanted in me years ago, but I must not have been ready to fully understand it.

There before me, as I looked into my mirror, I began to notice something. It wasn't my eyes or my face that I noticed. It was what was being processed as I looked into the mirror and seeing my face and my eyes.

What was doing this processing?

​How was it doing it?

I realized everything I was looking at was being processed by my brain. All of my thoughts. All of my thinking. I discovered I was battling my brain. The gray matter between my eyes was controlling all of me. And in fact, it is controlling you too.

Not so profound? Well, I eventually developed what I call the STRONG Method. I shared this method in a recent podcast interview I was featured on and I like to share it with you today.

If you are battling anxiety and depression, I encourage you to listen to this episode. Your life is worth it. It just might be what changes your life too.

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