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life coaching for men

Life coach for men

              In the summer of 1994, I was at Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD), San Diego. A 12 - week boot camp to take a civilian and make him into a Marine. I was embarking on a dream that I had for years. I recall, back in those days they would call Marines who graduated from MCRD, San Diego "Hollywood Marines" because the real Marines came from Parris Island. I'm sure the saying is still being used today.

I was a young eighteen-year-old going through some tough training and getting into the best conditioning of my life, both mentally and physically. Everything was go, go, go!

​During the first phase of boot camp, every recruit would go through a swim qualification. Part of the swim qualification consisted of jumping off a diving board into a swimming pool with full gear on. Remember, this was 1994 and we were wearing BDU's and thick leather boots.

Many Marines were lost during WWII due to drownings. In effort to never have this happen again, the Marine Corps ​initiated the Marine Corps Water Survival Training Program. Passing this is a requirement to graduate. 

In addition, the point of the swim qual was to gain confidence in water, since the Marine Corps is part of the Navy​. The drill instructors taught us step-by-step how to swim with all of our equipment.

If anyone panics, they will sink fast, and they will not be saved until they're about to drown. Of course, there were some recruits that panicked. Luckily, they would have an opportunity to try again in third phase.

​Having a men's life coach is like going through and surviving the swim qualification.

​Life Coaching for men

​The coach will guide and support you to reach your intended goal. The coach will be there when you are struggling and to throw you the line to get you back up to the surface and back on the path to success.

Simple right?

Not exactly!

​Many men have goals, but a goal without a plan is just a wish. And, a plan without accountability, can easily be brushed to the side and never completed. This is where many men get depressed when looking back at their life wishing they would have stayed focused and completed their goal.

Creating a plan, executing the plan, and sticking with the plan long enough to accomplish the goal is the difficult part. This is where men fail the most.

​part of the process

A goal with a plan without execution is nothing but a waste of paper. Now, executing a plan is simple when you think about it, but the problem comes when you fail; however, failure is part of the process.

​You will fail a lot during the execution of your plan or obtaining the results you desire. Failure is where most men are defeated. They fail at understanding failure is part of the process to accomplishing ​any goal.

Contrary to what men are taught to believe, there is nothing wrong with failure. Understanding this and accepting this fact, will propel you to continue taking action and learning from these so called "failures".

​I have failed more times than I can remember. However, I've learned to accept failure as part of the process. If you're not willing to fail, you will never reach your goal.

No man is successful at their first attempt. If they were successful, it was not a big enough goal.

Often, we want things to be easy. And if there is no sign of success after a few attempts, we give up and move on to the next goal.

But, there is one thing most men don't realize, and this is the most important part, so take note!

The truth is, you had successes during your execution. However, it can be very easy not to recognize them when you're too focused on not achieving your desired result.

First, you discovered what did not work. Hopefully, you really worked the plan. Just because something doesn't work the first time doesn't mean the plan is at fault.

Giving up too easily never accomplishes anything.

The small successes you had along the way must be recognized. It is important that you give yourself credit for these successes every time. These small successes will help you to continue on the path to accomplishing your goal.

The problem is, if you don't accomplish the goal, often you feel like a failure and there is no man on the planet that wants to feel like a failure.

Having a men's life coach is kind of like having a drill instructor, but without all the yelling. A coach is there to guide you and ask you important questions to get you to think differently so you get different results. He's there to make sure you recognize the small successes along the way and keeps you accountable to completing what you say you're going to do.

So, have goals. Have BIG goals! Create a plan, then execute the plan. Work the plan. Give it time to produce results. Give yourself credit along the way no matter how small. Make adjustments and stay focused. Lastly, and the most important part, get accountability!

Think back to all the things you wished you would've accomplished if only you had stuck with it. The problem wasn't necessarily you, the problem was you didn't have any accountability. Don't let more years pass you by and wished you would've taking action. Take action now!

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