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The Remarkable Practice – Paul Velick

The Remarkable Practice ​Self-Leadership Coaching opens the door for “self-seekers and owners” to essentially become their own Man. It is the doorway into personal ownership and a fully expressed life based upon your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. ​ Self leaders merge freedom and responsibility into a driving advantage. This brand of Coaching helps men claim […]

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Executive Coaching – Jeff Popoff (2018)

​Executive Coaching – Jeff Popoff ​A former executive, Jeff Popoff is now a leading online health & fitness coach to top leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners around the world. If you have no time to exercise, hate the gym or travel extensively he can make you a leaner and stronger leader. To connect with Jeff visit […]

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New Man Health Summit

​Empowering Men to Thrive! ​New Man Health Summit There is very little promoting men’s health. I’m talking about true men’s health issues. It is time to change this and to focus on what is really holding men back. Yes, there is plenty of information on how to become a great leader, a businessman, and even a man […]

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is it a mental health issue

Is it a Mental Health Issue?

A New Way of Looking at Mental Health ​One of biggest issues men and women returning home from war struggle with is having to readjust to be a civilian again.  Have you ever watched an older movie for the second time and realized something you didn’t the first time watching it? Did it have a different […]

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