Brain Health | Men's Health Month | June 2018 - Online Health Coach

Brain Health | Men’s Health Month | June 2018


​Brain Health: Performing At Your Best, For Life!

​Our brains deserve a whole lot more attention then we are giving it. In fact, more people are beginning to realize we have been neglecting our brain health all this time.

Yet, without a properly functioning brain, what good is it to have a strong muscular fit body. Yes, having a healthy body and giving the body proper fuel helps in the health of our brain, but which is more important.

​The truth is, they are both important and when one is not functioning properly it will impact the performance of the other.

​In this episode, I share how I was able to radically change my life when I started to look at my brain, and what I discovered gave me my life back.

Listen now. Click on the play button below.

​Brain Health

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