Man Power | Men's Health Month | June 2018 | Men's Health

Man Power | Men’s Health Month | June 2018


​Man Power

​Power is an interesting concept, right? There are many forms of power. There are good forms of power, and then there are other forms that are corrupt.

​In my latest podcast, I share the ways men are giving away their power. We all have some form of power. But, the kind of power I am referring to is the power of ownership.   

​Are you taking full ownership of your life?

Often times I hear men share how their life is not where they want it to be. They'll share how they're not satisfied or happy the way things are right now.

I will then usually ask them, in what ways can you start changing the course of your life and start doing what you want?

​Did you catch the most important part of the question?

I asked, in what ways can YOU​ start...

​The question is not about what others have to start doing. It is about taking full ownership of the situation and not thinking others have to change first!

​​​​​This is where a lot of men get it wrong. They start thinking about what others need to start doing first.

​Where does your power come from?

​So, where does your power come from? Are you taking full ownership of your life and what you want your life to be like?

​​What are your beliefs around your power? Are they limiting beliefs? Are they giving someone else the power and therefore the blame if it does not work out or "wasn't meant to be" (i.e. God)?

​Listen now as I share how you can begin to take back the power of your life and why this is important if you really want to change your life today.

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